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Witch girl comdotgame, Wonderful woman hunting for witch girl comdotgame especially for lapdance

This is the wiki for Flash Visit the flash's index for basic data and a list of seen names.

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This is the wiki for Flash Visit the flash's index for basic data and a list of seen names. Witch Girl v0. Like why does a sidescrolling game like this make any sense for some sort of erotic flash? Thanks anon.

Name: Bernie
How old am I: I'm 46 years old
I understand: Spanish
I like: Painting
I like piercing: None
Tattoo: None

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Please or register. News: Stay Home Gamcore Administrator Jr. Play the game here FAQ Q. How can I get the password? You can get the password by clearing the game and view the gallery.

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There may be some other ways. How can I attack the boss "Succubus"? She is impervious to attacks while her barrier is up. But her barrier disappears when she attacks you. What is the meaning of the item "Abnormal" in the option screen? It will toggle the display of features that may be considered abnormal. After the enemy ejaculated, the character became immobile and received serial attacks.

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Is this a bug? The Pleasure gauge may have been full when you received the ejaculation. In that case, you will suffer great damage and cannot rise for some time. And other enemies will not leave you alone in that state.

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It's too hard! You can change the difficulty from the option screen. Also, displaying the Hit Area may help.

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I don't see the additional enemies. I cannot find them in the gallery either. Some enemies appear only in "True mode". Such enemies become viewable in the gallery that will be enhanced after you clear the True mode. Basically you use the left click only.

Right-clicking and wheel are not used. Head to the goal.

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You can defeat the enemies by inflicting damage to a certain degree. The Pleasure increases while pushing this key.

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If your Pleasure reaches the maximum in this manner, your Bomb count will increase by 1. Also, your HP recovers little by little.

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You will suffer great damage if the Pleasure gauge reaches maximum by the attack from the enemy; if you are near the maximum, you should better play with yourself to reach orgasm. After you climaxed, you will be impervious to attacks for some time. It will defeat all mob enemies by one attack.

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Also, you can incur damage to the boss characters. It is safe to pause when you want to change options. Also, the button to return to the title screen will display while pausing. You may be better evading such enemies. Some enemies, conversely, are hard to evade and weak against your attacks. Find a better way to take your route: evade or defeat. In gallery mode, you can watch each ecchi animation.

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You can also get a password. By entering the password in the title screen, you can display the gallery mode from the start next time you start the game. However, some computers may enable the "StickyKeys" feature by this operation. If it affects the playability of the game, we recommend turning off the "StickyKeys" feature.

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