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Sitting alone and getting bored! The best way to escape the situation is to grab your mobile and go for the Social Media life. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. The entertainment through the internet has been trendy since social media has developed. But the are getting the up-expected opposite. It has been noticed the flavors of relations are getting dull.

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Mother Angry Footjob Bonus Scene 2 Key box through a hidden rocky path on the left side of beach Scene box on the beach.

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Start by collecting from every room in your house as well, especially the Garage through the kitchen Collecting everything from every house in the main map at the very beginning of game. Once you have enough Exp, weapons and clothes, you can farm in the basement to fight larger group and accumulate more money quickly.

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Head to bed, Sleep Till Evening Head outside, talk to Tom waiting next to your home Head East towards Aunts house Once past Aunts House, head south until you see Manhole with marker Best to avoid fighting in the sewer Collect items as you go South East When you enter compound, after fight head into the second building Head up through the hallways to get key card to access first door you saw head back to entrance hall to access the door with key card Once you collect the pills head back through the sewers Head home and sleep till morning.

Head Home. Go to Furniture store beyond the Prostitute area and pool Enter Store Talk to Salesman Still in the store head east Go to marker and talk to organiser Participate in game Collect laser gun from cabinet Enter door to begin Defeat everyone to win Take the ticket to furniture salesman Return home Go to the attic and talk with Aunt Go back and talk to Aunt after talking to Mother Repeat talking to her to go through all 4 choice You can visit her anytime and replay.

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Head out of the house Click on marker on TV Give package to lifeguard and leave Go to the warehouse Check all the markers, one is in the North East Enter secret room Speak to bald headed man and fight him Exit Warehouse Check all the rooms then add drug to wine Go to marker in kitchen You can replay scene anytime by clicking on the marker on tv.

Make sure you have ample health packs Head to the park Check map Head North and little to the west of the park Save your sister Talk to sister Head Home. Save File that has the minimum to survive the game, although it does complete the first 2 quests, Peek on Mother and Taking a picture of Aunt.

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Sit on the chair next to couch Bonus: Save File that has the minimum to survive the game, although it does complete the first 2 quests, Peek on Mother and Taking a picture of Aunt. Current Progress: Milfy City v0.

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