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Of course, the subject matter of a game like this makes it a very niche kind of game, but today we are taking a closer look to see if there is any depth here or if it is just all about the hentai! It should go without saying that this is a game that is percent for adults only and not for people who are easily offended. As is the case with most games like this there is a story that runs alongside all of the hentai action.

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A succubus who lost her power must ascend a story tower in order to get her power back! Charm the onslaught of monsters while slaying them to proceed! In the tower are 6 bosses. Defeat the sexy boss characters and reach the top floor of the tower! In Waifu Academy, you play as young man with a name of your choice, of coursewho wishes to seek revenge after many years of harrowing ordeals

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The first thing any potential purchaser of this Nukige should know is that it starts off with the kinks of rape and mind break and then adds other kinks on top of that.

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Without exception, whichever decision you make about which girl to spend your time with, they will all be repeatedly raped and eventually mind broken. In addition to that, I would also give some content warnings to some monster and beast sex as well as a case of magical temporary de-aging of a character.

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Prior to this game, I would say that the closest similarity for me was Valkyrie Sviaalthough this one was a little darker. The world of Kuroinu is fairly interesting, but that story is only vaguely explored. One of the best parts of writing reviews for Operation Rainfall is that we are given a lot of leeway to explore a lot of niche genres that would not be explored on other websites.

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And this is one of those cases. I accept that for many people the themes in Kuroinu would be a turn-off or even offensive, but they can just not purchase the game. For me personally, especially in such an obviously fictional settings, I found it quite interesting to see these events from a totally different perspective.

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The world is a fairly standard high fantasy with dark elves and high elves and trolls and so on. But that is only the window dressing to get you into the action. I did see the hentai anime that was created based on this Visual Novel, so I did know what I was getting into before taking on the task of reviewing it. Vult is a lot different from your standard adult visual novel main character.

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You cannot in any way call the main character of this visual novel a hero, not even an anti-hero. Even though he is the kuroinu game character, and when you make decisions you do so as him, there is no other word to call Vult but a villain. That does give some narrative intrigue, because that is definitely not a common perspective in visual novels or video games, for that matterand that also makes him quite a bit different in behavior than other visual novel main characters.

He is the leader of a mercenary army who is trying to conquer the world and then establishing their own nation called the Cuntry yeah, you read that correctly. There is only one path selection screen, and only 3 choices available for Chapter 1. You start off the story seeing a basic overview of how the world was leading up to the events of the story and then how Vult and his mercenary army wrested the power from the current ruling class to establish their own regime. You are basically introduced to all 9 of the potential sex slaves who were ly the 7 guardians, and the Dark Elf queen and her first knight.

That really only lasts for about an hour and is mostly just a framing mechanism for the choice you are presented with. Eventually, you are presented with the chart above, and you choose which of the sex slaves that you are to auction off. That le to the erotic scenes involving that particular character. This game has been split up into 3 Chapters, and the way they split it up is by reducing the of potential sex slaves at the screen you see above. While rape and mind break are the kuroinu game thread among all the girls, each one represents an additional kink on top of that basic premise.

The tragic flaw of Olga, the Dark Elf Queen, is her intense pride and disdain for humans. As the Queen, she was ostensibly the leader of the monsters who gathered around her to seek the protection and benefits of her magical powers.

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She never really sought to control the monsters and creatures under her thrall, though, generally considering anyone but her first knight Chloe to be beneath her. She is intensely prideful and haughty, particularly in regards to humans. As such her entire route involves trying to break down her pride and her mind. She was also a virgin before the events of the story and she has a magic spell protecting her from getting pregnant.

So you can pretty much map out where that story is going to go once she is in the clutches of Vult and his army.

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Most of the Chloe story involves confronting her hidden past. Her story is the most interesting, she is being reminded of a past she wishes to forget even as you are discovering it for the first time.

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As I warned in the first paragraph, there is some magical age play that happens temporarily in this route that may offend some people. But most of her route involves anal as the primary-kink beyond the rape and mind break. Her loyalty to her Queen, Olga, who gave her a new life is interesting, but her past with her former master is even more so.

Additionally, learning how dark half-elves are treated in this world definitely gave a lot more depth to the backstory. That this story goes to some very dark places is no surprise, everything in this game is pretty dark, but even in the depths of her despair, I found her kuroinu game be rather engaging.

The story of Claudia comes right out of a Greek tragedy.

Kuroinu chapter 1

Claudia Levantine has the shortest route out of the three, but whether she is your favorite or not depends on your kinks. While all 3 of the women have some sexual experience with monsters, such as orcs and ogres and trolls, she additionally has some bestial sex in her route. She is comedic in some ways, especially her kuroinu game de, but also in how over the top she is about her husband.

I blame this old pervert for not teaching her how to talk more sexy in the bedroom. Unfortunately, that was not the only comedy here, some of it was unintentional. There is this ridiculous trend in Eroge and Nukige that the girls use increasingly silly names for a lot of the things that are happening to them.

I can understand where some of that kuroinu game from, it may get boring to say the same thing over and over again. If not, you may be in for some unintentionally hilarious times. Most of my favorite girls are coming up in later chapters.

There is one major problem that I have with this title, much more serious than some silly dialogue. And that is whether this packaging of the game, splitting it into 3 different parts, represents a consumer friendly approach. The initial backstory sequence is about 1 hour and then the 3 main routes remaining to the girls are around 1 hour each as well, so it totals to about 4 hours of erotic action. But it also could have been a better release if we got it all at once in one package. Toggle. support the website by covering server and domain costs.

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