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Visual novel developer Lupiesoft tweeted Saturday that Valve contacted them and told them to disregard the initial that gave them two weeks to censor their anime pirate game Mutiny!!.

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The game is currently under re-review and Valve will follow up in short order. Over the last few days, developers and publishers of H-Games, eroge titles and more adult visual novels have been hit with takedown notices from Valve.

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Update huniepop mangagamer The following is a list of developers and their games, if known that have allegedly received an e-mail from Valve stating that they must remove pornographic content from their games. This list has been corroborated by the blog Rockmandash Reviews. If you know of any other devs not on this list that have been affected by this issue, please drop us a line at [ protected]. A of adult-oriented Steam games have allegedly received communications from Valve stating that they must change their games or face removal from the store according to multiple sources.

HuniePop is a game that mixes dating sim elements with a match 3 huniepop mangagamer game. Part of the dating sim elements include graphic scenes depicting nudity. However, developers of similar games stated that Valve had a policy of allowing this content so long as the developers distributed it in a separate file. Valve has seemingly moved away from that stance last year, mandating that developers can no longer distribute uncensor patches via the Steam Community or provide instructions on how to install them.

At the moment, HuniePop still lists the uncensor patch on their Steam Community. The developer is following up with Valve via e-mail. If you already own the game like myself and many others, you might be worried that Valve would remove it from your library should the issue not be resolved. However, Valve has allowed users to keep removed games in the past and the developer of HuniePop does not believe that Valve would remove a game people have already paid for.

The twitter thread expands further, stating that the developer has no adult-oriented content in the game itself as it is distributed on Steam. However, Mutiny!! There does not appear to be any instructions directly on Steam's platform as far as we can tell.


We've reached out to a of the involved developers and Valve on this matter and we'll update this piece as new details come to light. In their response, they stated that Valve did not mention where the complaint was sourced from, only that a complaint was received.

Their game was stated as containing pornographic material, but there was no indication of what material Valve took huniepop mangagamer with. Additionally, the HuniePot representative stated that "it's certainly surprising to see this notice after being on Steam for over 3 years with no such problems. Update 2: We've heard back from LupieSoft on this issue.

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They've privately shared screenshots of an e-mail they claim was sent by Huniepop mangagamer which follows a similar pattern to the situation HuniePot has described: a claim of violation, a two week time limit to make changes, and no specifics listed. They assert that there is nothing in their games as they are distributed on Steam that would qualify as "pornography" by any definition save for topless women, something that features in a wide range of titles ranging from indie games to AAA titles.

We looked into the guidelines Steam currently lists surrounding this topic and found they are exceptionally vague.

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Instead, as one of ten points which includes Hate Speech and content you don't own, Pornography is listed as something you cannot publish on Steam, lacking any further details on what they consider when deciding what to allow or not. I asked Lupiesoft why they and HuniePot are receiving this notice now of all times. I asked if perhaps their game would have been treated differently if it were in another art style other than anime. It's harder to get noticed, the community engagement is shrinking. If that means our next title should be more, or less pornographic to make it as successful as we know it can be.

If Mutiny!! And unfortunately, huniepop mangagamer seems that the developers of the Nekopara series of games have shared a message on behalf of another developer who has a received a similar message regarding their game Tropical Liquor. We'll continue to investigate this story as it unfolds. If you know of any developer on Steam who has received one of these e-mails from Valve recently, please drop us a line at [ protected].

Top Hat Studios' Karmasutra features a traveler in a fantasy world navigating a journey filled with helpful gurus and mischievous demons. Update 3: A representative from Top Hat Studios has responded to our inquiries regarding this issue and the changes they've made to their game. Additionally, Mangagamer has put out a statement on their website and sent out a press release on the matter. We've also heard huniepop mangagamer from developer Dharker Studios. We'll begin by writing about what we've heard from Top Hat Studios. Top Hat Studios heard about the HuniePot, Lupiesoft, and Tentacle Games issues in the above tweets along with some behind-the-scenes info from fellow developers in the scene.

Although this particular instance may be somewhat unique in its scope, it isn't the first time that the Top Hat Studios representative has heard about something like this happening - albeit in a more isolated instance. A particular issue of contention on their part is the lack of clarity on Valve's guidelines. Karmasutra was allowed on Steam with less censorship than our newer titles have, huniepop mangagamer surprised us even at the time of release. The censorship was there, and we did our best to remove sexual content, but there was still stuff which was 'suggestive', albeit censored.

How exactly did Top Hat Studios handle censorship before the winds seemingly shifted at Steam? The representative expanded on how they would handle the issue of censorship in the old framework:. Unfortunately, the vagueness of the rules has had an impact in how Top Hat Studios decides to release their games on the Steam platform. With today's revelations from other developers, the uncertainty on the platform has led to a shift at Top Hat Studios. Mangagamer states that Valve reviewed Kindred Spirits on the Roof and required no changes at the time of its initial release.

As for Mangagamer, they've stated that the developers of Kindred Spirits On The Roof have received a similar e-mail from Valve regarding the state of their game. The public statement has the following tidbit from the e-mail they say they received from Valve:. Much like the other developers on here, they have received a vague message citing "pornographic content" with no specific examples relating to their individual games.

They had the following to say on the matter:. When that information is provided we will update the games accordingly. Future games will take any new censorship requirements into. Galaxy Girls by Dharker Studios has you commanding a huniepop mangagamer that is crewed entirely by women. Dharker Studios thinks this may come down to an automated system in some fashion. They concluded their response to us by affirming their commitment to abide by the rules of the platform in order to continue offering their products on the platform.

In the wider scope of the whole scenario, Mangagamer's Press Director had something to say on the subject in a press release from the company:.

[updated] huniepop and other adult games facing removal from steam store

We are still waiting to hear from a of companies involved in this situation. We'll continue to update the piece as new details come to light. Disclosure: Nutaku provides perks for TechRaptor membersand TechRaptor participates with an affiliate linking program with Nutaku.

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Update 4 : The situation continues to evolve as so far today, we've found out about two more games that have been sent similar letters by Valve. According to them, this and Tropical Liquor are the only two games in their library impacted by this so far.

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In a follow-up tweet, they did clarify that versions on Denpasoft would not be affected by this. Additionally, WinterWolves has said their title Roomates got hit with a similar there, although none of their other titles have been. In other tweets, they explain that future games on Steam will be like the mobile appstores with no "suggestive content", although the version on the WinterWolves site and on Itch.

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Update 5: We missed this bit of information earlier, but it seems that Top Hat Studios has indeed received one of these e-mails from Valve regarding their game Karmasutra :. Sekai Project has responded to us, simply stating that they are working with Valve to resolve this issue and that they have no further comment at this time.

The answers I've received from this developer echo what I've heard from others in this space: they've heard of some of their fellow developers dealing with a similar issue, they seem to have noticed a shift in policy from Valve, and they've received no specific explanation as to what specific content in their game needs to be changed. Winter Wolves' Roommates has players experiencing their first year of university in a co-ed living space.

There's even a checkbox "this game has adult content" and an age gate: what's its purpose then? I think it would make sense if developers tried to sell a game without stating clearly it has adult content. But if you provide huniepop mangagamer option to tag the game, have an age gate where users must state their age and click to confirm, I think then it's a bit pointless to remove games with huniepop mangagamer content, don't you agree?

Nutaku, a digital distributor of adult-oriented video games, responded to us earlier today as well. A representative from Nutaku confirmed that they have heard from multiple developers who are dealing with this issue. They declined to name any names, leaving it to each developer to come forward should they choose to do so as many have already. As for Steam's policy, Nutaku doesn't really work with them in the same way as some of these other companies. They declined to comment on the specifics of something they are not well-informed about. However, they did mention that there's a general feeling of the policy being vague and stated that it must be a very frustrating situation for game developers in the adult gaming space.

I asked the Nutaku representative what their thoughts were on the current state of the adult gaming industry and they had the following to say about it:. A portion of the developers had simple unlock schemes for the uncensor patch. That is, the pornographic content is delivered via Steam but is inaccessible unless a tiny patch is applied to unlock it.

A comment from a Valve employee on a Reddit thread highlights what the issue may be here :.

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Strangely, a few of the developers don't use uncensor patches at all. Valve had looked over their games - very thoroughly in some cases at the request of the developer - and approved them as is without requiring any changes to be made. These games that had ly been approved in their entirety with no alterations are now being told that they are in violation of Valve's policy regarding pornographic content.

This makes it all the more difficult to discern what exactly the issue is with these games, even more so because Valve has yet to release a public statement on this matter. We've added a list of developers who have stated to have been affected by this issue at the top of the huniepop mangagamer along with their games based on the information we have so far. We've also added in some images throughout the article so you can see some of the games that have been affected by this event.

We will continue to update this piece as events progress, and we kindly ask that you let us know about any other developers or related information on this topic by sending us an e-mail to [ protected]. Huniepop mangagamer 6: We have a couple of new tidbits of information that have come to light. Another developer affected by this wave of e-mails has come to light: Winged Cloud has had to delay their game Sakura Sadist in order to change the content of the game prior to its release.

The developer mentions that a of their titles have received e-mails similar to the ones we've been seeing other devs receive. Lupiesoft - one of the first developers to publicly come forward about receiving one of these e-mails from Valve - has discounted Mutiny!! Here's what's currently on sale:. Update 7: Another title is claiming to have been hit by the wave of e-mails. First and foremost is that Valve seems to have at last talked to someone. Huniepop mangagamer appears they have reached out to developers and publishers who were contacted ly, stating that they are re-evaluating each title and will provide specific content on it.

While we have yet to confirm all developers were reached out, we can confirm that MangaGamerHunieDevSekai ProjectDharker Studiosand Obscurasoft have all received s to that effect. We are working to confirm the situation in regards to other studios.