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Games like the forest reddit, I liked games like the forest reddit men that loves photoshoot

My friend and I recently played through The Forest and really enjoyed the how well the horror and story mixed with the survival aspects. Are there any games that scratch that same itch?

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I have recently bought The Forest as it was a recommendation by a friend. Such a great game, love the simplicity of crafting, exploring although the map is very small and has so much potential to be a very successful game! Just wondering does anyone know any other games that is very similar to The Forest? Are there any other games that is similar on the PS4 or Switch? I know there are good ones on PC which I am in the process of making a gaming PC but just want some good ones for consoles :. Haven't played the forest yet.

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Any suggestions?

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Stranded Deep is a game that comes to mind. I support this.

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I played The Forest since day 1 of early access and love that game. Stranded Deep is definitely fun, but temper expectations. As a pure base builder with some environmental dangers, it's a fun game.

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I definitely classify it as a pure survival management game. The hoard aspect is non-existent. So if looking for that element, then you will be disappointed.

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The problem with Ark is that it's balance is pretty garbage unless you're in a big clan. Games like the forest.

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Continue this thread. Green Hell is very similar and a solid survival base-builder. Is this on Xbox yet?!

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Seconding 7 days to die. Great game.

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Green Hell. More posts from the BaseBuildingGames community. Hello there!

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This is a subreddit focused on base building computer games. If you came here for real estate or fitness advice, you might be in the wrong place. Created Jun 14, Top posts december 13th Top posts of december, Top posts Back to Top.

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