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E621 game, South lady seek friend e621 game relationship

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SDT - Sluts and Horses 3 min.

Name: Amelie
Years old: 66
What is my ethnicity: I'm scottish
What is my sex: Lady
Music: Opera
I have piercing: None

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How the game works is simple, you're shown a censored image from e, and then try to guess what tags it has. Then you will be shown what everyone else wrote, and then the actual tags for the image, then everyone votes for what they think the real tags for the image is.

You get points for however many tags you get correct, and how many people vote for your tags, whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins.

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This can play up to 5 players, and you can blacklist tags and choose what rating the images are. More is explained in-game by clicking on the question mark in the main menu.

Where does e come from?

Room names are case-sensitive. Log in with itch. Is it broken now that the website updated?

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I get errors when the round starts and cannot continue. Real bummer, never got around to playing and it is broken now that I have someone to play with. I would imagine this game is a great way to test your friendships. You will need to be really close friends to even admit you know this website exists.

A downloadable game for Windows. More information.

E the game: tag your it

Status Released Platforms Windows Rating. Install instructions Extract the TagYourIt. Download Download TagYourIt.

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Jul 02, Comments Log in with itch. ClosetPossum 73 days ago.

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Does this game work? JustZ days ago. I kinda wish that there's a windows 32 version tho. Breathmint Tea days ago. BlitzTheWolf days ago.

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KevZep 1 year ago. Catalyst 1 year ago. I think the most recent e might've broken this. FurryBoi if anyone wants to play. Littletang 1 year ago. Can't wait for the e version. Deleted post 1 year ago. Deleted 57 days ago.

Where to buy

PrinceLucario 1 year ago. Great idea! I realy want to try it. If someone wants tothen my room is qwe. Deleted 1 year ago. Michaelcraft 1 year ago. I third single player I have no friends. FurryMultiplayerparty-game.