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Fun to play with kids and adults. The kids 4 of them ages love this game. Constantly ask to play it.

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This game is really fun for adults. Great game for adults! The box was a bit scratched up upon receiving it but the game was nice!

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Fun to play with kids and adults. The kids 4 of them ages love this game. Constantly ask to play it. We were literally crying laughing when we played this game! Great game for kids and adults!!

Customers recommend

This is such a fun game and only costs a few dollars! I definitely recommend for game night! The box was a bit scratched up upon receiving it but the game was nice! We had so much fun playing this on Christmas! Even got the shy guy to participate and read out cards! Loved it. We love this game. Been playing it for 2 years. Perfect for those who wish they were old enough for CAH. We can even get inappropriate answers for the teenagers, for example the 15 year old played this one.

Kids and adults love this game! There is a statement. The options are always hilarious sometimes grossnot inappropriate for kids, and funny to adults too. I have a 5yr old, 8 yr old and 10 yr old. The 5 ur old usually plays as a team with my 10 yr old.

Kids and adults love this game. So much fun for the kids and adults! Several questions refer to older kid scenarios, like the school dance, braces, etc. My husband is in his 50's, and he was laughing so hard while we were playing this that he had tears running down his face!

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Just like Cards Against Humanity, but without the vulgarity and adult situations. Despite randomly picking cards from his hand and needing someone to read the answers on his turn, he actually won and thought the whole thing was hilarious.

So much fun for kids and adults! We love this game! My 9 and 10 year olds think it's the best card game ever! The rainbow vomit cat was voted the best! Yes, there is an adult version. I have reviewed the non adult version.

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The non adult version is safe for kids It would be entertaining for adults. This game is very fun and has a lot of replayability.

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The reminds me of a more strategic and funny game of UNO. I just purchased this game and have already preorder the expansion due to the quality of the original. So much fun. Every time the grandkids come over they want to play this game. So many laughs.

ebony babe Adalynn

My kids 9,12,13 LOVE this game!! Super fun and they think it is so funny!

damsel lady Haisley

The game is a hilarious version of Russian roulette. I would definitely get it for an adult couple. Both the original and NSFW edition can be put together to create one bigger deck.

hot Clarissa

I played it with 7 ppl and had no problem. I think 9 would be fine.

sweet babe Jaelynn

You guys might just explode a bit quicker ;P. Funny game to play.

tight female Noemi

Not for a prudish group. Not in this version. This is the adult game. I love this game!

lonely teen Berkley

Just a different version from Cards Against Humanity. There are a ton of choices, and they're all hilarious! Not made for kids as it can get pretty vulgar. Overall though I love this game! Really fun game to play with a group. Some foul, but hilarious, language included. Hilarious game!!! Best game night ever!!

naughty housewives Jaliyah

This game is the best! Hilariously funny.

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One criticism - too many animal pictures- we took them out. Very funny!

cutie ladies Charleigh

Fun for kids and amazon adult games alike. Great game for kids and adults. More than 7 years old but this game is very fun for teenagers, youngers or adults. I think there isn't restricted on age for this game. It is best for family gathering. It is a great game for adults and kids! My grandchildren love this game, and we adults love playing it with them. Still a great game for early leaners and adults. This game is great. From start to finish, everyone was laughing hysterically!!

Fun for adults and kids of all ages! Awesome fun for the family, good for adults and kids! This is our favorite family game now. Fun for adults as well. I love this game - took it on a vacation to play at night and some friends that played order 2 of these to play on their family game night. It requires some strategy to play well and we really had fun with it.